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Our Adventures

A Beach Party to Remember

We danced, swam, and drank until the sun came up. It was wild!Samfya beach is the place to be. Make a date with Shaden this October. They are taking us to Samfya.

A Weekend in the Mountains

We hiked, camped, and enjoyed the stunning views of nature. It was a great escape from the city! Livingston is beautiful ❤️

A Road Trip Across the Country

We saw new places, met new people, and had unforgettable experiences. It was a journey of a lifetime!flirted with a nice guy to bad he was married

A Night Out in the City

We explored the bars, clubs, and hidden gems of the city. It was a blast!

We stayed in, watched movies, and cooked comfort food. It was cozy! So I created the Sunday Chills with Shaden. Oh forgive my manners am Natasha Tiwonge Dullie and am the CEO for Shaden Logistics.

A Cultural Experience Abroad

We immersed ourselves in the local culture, tried new foods, and learned new things. It was eye-opening!

A Lazy Sunday at Home

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